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Globe Telecom Pte Ltd was incorporated in Singapore in 1999 to develop and provide voice communications product and services for the communications industry. Back in 1997, we saw the need for a new generation of communications products to enhance the communications experience of end-users, as well as value-add the carriers and service providers. Thus, we began research and development into a series of Internet communication-related products. A series of Internet-related products emerged from our portfolio that would revolutionize the way people view communication tools. These products have since been refined, and now include GT Gateway, GT Switch, GT Management Center, and GT Control Center. Through the interoperability of these technologies with our vast array of GT gateways, the Globe Telecom network is set to bring the power of communications to the mass market at unprecedented value.





To be the Preferred ICT Solutions Provider, delivering quality and value-added services to our global customers in the New Era of Communications. With our strengths in telecommunication technology developments, we position ourselves as the technology solutions provider for service providers and enterprises.


            Provide cost effective and high quality product and services seamlessly, to ensure total customer satisfaction.









Ever since our company is established, we have been Providing High Quality Communications Through Innovative Products and Value Services. The followings are brief descriptions of our products.


1) GT Gateway is an IP gateway. It is the bridge between PSTN and the Internet. The Internet is used as the transmission media to carry cross-boundaries voice traffic at a very competitive rate. GT Management Center monitors the conditions and traffic in every GT Gateway, and the best route for voice traffic is selected by GT Control Center to ensure good voice quality.


2) GT Switch is a CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) switch designed to bridge two calls in modern telecommunication network to provide IDD grade of voice quality. Central GT switches have been set up in countries where the telecommunication marketed has been freely liberalized, such as Singapore, Hong Kong and USA, to take the advantage of the market deregulation. Local GT switches are set up and maintained by authorized service providers as the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) interface to general public. GT switches are connected to the GT Management Center and GT Control Center for LCR routing and remote network maintenance.

3) GT Management Centre is a centralized server system connected to GT Gateways, GT Switches and GT Control Centre through the Internet. It provides remote monitoring of the status of GT Gateways and GT Switches to ensure network availability.

4) GT Control Centre is a centralized server system connected to GT Gateways, GT Switches and GT Management Centre through the Internet. It is responsible for the registration of new GT Gateways and new GT Switches, and the updating of network configuration for LCR

M7410 Handsetrouting.



We provide the following services.  M7410 HandsetM7410 Handset

1) Phone based GT Premium Service is the next generation telecommunication service developed and provided by Globe Telecom Pte Ltd. It offers IDD-grade voice communications to companies and frequent business travelers. The voice is delivered through fibre optic cables to ensure IDD-grade quality. The price of the service is also highly competitive, as our service is offered through our GT switches in strategy global locations, and through tie-ups with major long distance carriers.

2) Phone based GT Value Service is our latest telecommunication service that offers very competitive rates for voice communication service, specially targeted at the price conscious foreign workers and students. The voice call is delivered through GT gateways in various locations via traditional telephone networks and over advanced routing technologies. GT Control Centre monitors and route traffic between GT gateways to maintain the voice quality, which is definitely more superior compared to VoIP systems.

3) Web based GT Premium/Value Service provides worldwide accessibility. Users of GT services can make long distance calls from anywhere in the world, just by going to the GT web site at In GT web site, users can:

1) Make a call to anywhere in the world by keying their user ID and password.

2) Check their account balance and call records.

3) Top up their account by using credit cards or GT prepaid cards.

4) Build their phonebook for speed dialing.


Globe Telecom Pte Ltd will be the leading international call solution provider that specializes in providing total telecom solutions to companies and business personals. Our strength is our ability to utilize strong technologies to take advantage of the Internet and modern telecommunications infrastructures.