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Q: What Is GT SMS?

A: GT SMS is a technology to initialize GT Wisecalls through Short Message Service (SMS) in mobile network. It can be accessed in all GSM hand phones with SMS facility, and can be used in all countries that have GSM network. With this value-added feature, GSM users can initiate an IDD call from their choice telephone to any part of the world without having to remember LONG PIN numbers and keying in long sequences of telephone/PIN numbers.

Q: Who needs GT SMS?

A: This service is especially useful for frequent travelers who can leverage on the roaming capability of the GSM network to make cheaper IDD calls.

Q: How Does GT SMS Work?

A: Users send a SMS message (with information containing the account and PIN number, source and destination number) to the SMS server number (+65 98500139).

1.       An IDD call is established for the user in a matter of seconds (The source number will ring and will be connected to the destination number).

Q: What is the format of the SMS message for GT SMS in general?

A: Go to function menu of any GSM mobile phone.

1.       Select message editor

2.       Key in GT SMS command*

3.       Send message to +6598500139 (Singapore's server) OR +8613910228982 (China's server).

* SMS Command for GT SMS


GT SMS Command

For Example:Calling from China (Shanghai 8621) to Singapore

T: To your destination number

T(destination number) Country code + area code+ destination no.


A: Account + PIN number

A(*Account + PIN Number)*PIN= 10 digit A/C + 4 digit password

(14 digits PIN)

F: From your source number

F(source number)Country code +area code +source no.



Send SMS message to our server:

+8613910228982 http://www.gtphone.com/
(China's SMS server)

Step 1:
Key in GT SMS command

Step 2:
Send to GT SMS Server

 T6562223071 A15070002221111 F862112345678

China Server No +8613910228982

Singapore Server No.

+65 98500139

Q: What is the format of SMS message for GT SMS, if my hand phone number is pre-registered for GT Wise-call calls?

A: In this case, you do not need to key-in your account + PIN number. For example, calling China (Fuzhou 86591) using your fixed line phone number as the source number:
T862159153826 ( To: China / Shanghai number )
F6562223071  ( From: fixed line phone number )

Q: What is the format of SMS message for GT SMS if my hand phone number is pre-registered and the same phone is used as the source in my home country?

A: In this case, you just need to key-in the destination number T862159153826 (T can be omitted)

Q: Can I use the local telephone number as the source telephone number when I am traveling overseas?

A: Yes. You can use the local telephone number or use your hand phone number (with local SIM card) when you are overseas, as the source number. Besides, it is much more cost-effective. It is not advisable that you use your hand phone (with the SIM card of your home country) as the source number when overseas, as this will incur additional roaming charges by the home country's telecom.

Q: Can I use the hotel's number as the source number when I am traveling overseas?

A: No, except at those hotels that provide a direct line to the hotel rooms.

Or  except at those hotels that you ask the hotel operator to transfer our callback incoming 

 call to your hotel rooms.

Q: Can I use the public telephones in the streets as the source number?

A: Yes. As long as the public telephones in the streets have telephone numbers to receive calls from GT Wisecall switches, such as in China and USA. This is very cost effective since the incoming calls to the public telephone are free-of-charge.

Q: How long does it take for the SMS message to reach the GT SMS gateway?

A: Usually, the SMS message will reach the GT SMS gateway within seconds (3-10 seconds). However, on special occasions, such as Chinese New Year, Christmas Day, Valentine's Day, and other festival seasons, the SMS network will be congested and it will take longer than the normal time. Your mobile operator will send a notice to your hand phone if the SMS network is congested.

Q: How do I key-in the mobile phone number for the GT SMS gateway?

A: It is recommended that you key-in the whole mobile phone number based on the international format including “+” and country code, for example, +6598500139  or +8613910228982

Q: Would I receive error messages from the GT SMS gateway if I key-in my account or telephone number wrongly, or the GT wise-call network were busy?

A: Yes. These error messages will be sent to you via SMS together with your original SMS request. Error messages will be sent to the users in the following cases:
"Invalid account": Indicates that your account number is wrong or your account is being used at that moment. This may occur when the SMS network is busy and a few SMS requests from you reach the GT SMS gateway at the same time.
"Service not available": Indicates that there are errors in the country code in your source or destination telephone number.
"Network Busy": Indicates that the GT Wisecall network is busy.

Q: How do I key-in the characters and numbers in SMS messages?

A: It depends on your hand phone. Some hand phones have the numeric mode and type mode for you to key-in numbers and characters. Please refer to the user manual of your hand phone.

Q: Can I store the frequently called numbers in my SMS memory for speed dialing?

A: Yes. This is a very good feature of the GT SMS. You can store your frequently called numbers in your short message memory. Some hand phones even allow you to add a name for each message. Every time, you just need to recall those messages from the SMS memory and then re-send it to the GT SMS gateways.

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