Globe Roaming Card

                                                                                                                        Darling i Callback Card

Callback prepaid & postpaid service

                                                                                                                           —Traditional Callback, SMS  callback, Web callback


Cut off from 22 ¢/Min to  3.5 ¢ / Min Out-Calling ,

 When enjoying In coming-Free-Mobile Airtime.

Calling from other any country to oversea Rate

= Local Airtime Rate



2, USGAE IN CHINA           在中国使用

3, USAGE IN OVERSEAS   在其它国家使用




A, TOP UP    (BY SMS, BY CALL)  发短信或拨打电话充值

B, MAKE IDD CALL                         国际直拨



A. I)  TOP UP  Account by SMS


1, Top up by SMS


Send  SMS   A pin no (14 digit) .     to +65 98500139     e.g,  Card Pin 90001234567890


Bevel: 98500139Bevel: A90001234567890e.g.   Send message                                                     



This function is available, subject to your Call ID number can be displayed in Singapore phone.


II), Top Up   by call:    68265050  



2, After top up, you can dial 68265000 to make IDD call without pin in Singapore.


3, Callback


Method 1,   Call 15070  Country code, area code, Tel no.  Cut off , Then,  answer the incoming call, to talk to the destination.


e.g.   150706565668087   Call Singapore no. 

e.g.   150708621114         Call China no.   



Method 2,

 I)  Build  Phone book for your mobile. 


Send your destinations no. (30 destination, number available ) to register one touch Callback dial

in the  phone book.   

Send SMS  PB1# destination number1, number2,number3,…..number19 

Bevel: PB1#6562223071,9198111111,8621114, …..,8801987654321

Bevel: 98500139e.g.  Send                                                                                            





Your calling destination number  (Country Area Code. Tel no.)

After build phonebook, when you dial following  no.  Callback system will call your number and link to the destination number directly.














II)  Make OneTouch call. 

1), You just call One Touch no. 682650XX  ( XX for 1st  to 29th ),  then the line drop immediately without connection.

2), System will call your number and link to the XX destination no. You will enjoy free incoming call and outgoing call without airtime charge.

e.g.    When you dial first One-Touch no. 68265001, system will call your number and call to the destination no. 6562223071. 

When you dial second One-Touch no.68265002, System will call your number and call to 9198111111, and so on…


III), Change or add  one One-Touch no.  from number XXX  in the phone book.

e.g.  29th  One Touch no.  68265029 for destination no. 62812345689,


Bevel: PB39#62812345689Bevel: 98500139send SMS                                                                   



IV), Change or add multiple  One-Touch no.  from number XXX, XX+1,XX+2,… in the phone book.

eg  19th  One touch no.  68265019 for destination no. 65123145678, 

20th  One Touch no. 68265020 for destination no. 88012345678,   

21th  One Touch no. 68265021 for destination no. 9512345689,   

Bevel: PB39#6512345678,88012345678, 9512345689…

Bevel: 98500139Send                                                                                                





V)  Register, top up or building phone book for other fixed line or mobile phone. 

Add Fdestination no. behind the Apin or behind the PB?#Fdestination no. , the rest are as above.

Eg . Register for fixed  tel no.  65656123456  from your mobile   

Bevel: A90001234567890F65656123456  Bevel: 98500139

            Send                                                                            to                                



Eg . Build up phone book no. for fixed  tel no.  or other mobile  6565612345  from your mobile

Bevel: PB16#6512345678,88012345678, 919812345678,9512345689F6565612345




VI).  Send SMS to make call:  after register send destination to make call.

Bevel: 6565612345
Bevel: 98500139



To make call for third party to destination, e.g.  from 6565123456 to 919812345678

Bevel: F6565612345T919812345678 Bevel: 98500139




VII), Clear Phonebook:  

Bevel: PBC Bevel: 98500139

Send                                     to                                 Your mobile’s phonebook will be cleared                                                                                          


Bevel: PBCF6512345678
Bevel: 98500139

Send                                              to                                 6512345678’s phonebook will be cleared          


VIII) Top up in Singapore by dial telephone no.  

If your account balance is > 0    Dial 68265000

then key in * pin#  

If your account balance is =< 0  key in *first time pin# ( a/c to be credit) and *pin#.



B. Register Account and make IDD and call back call from your mobile for third party fixed line or mobile


1, Top up a GT callback (Globe Roaming) card for fixed line or other mobile no:


Send  SMS   A pin no (14 digit)Ffixedline or mobile no.     to  +65 98500139 

   e.g,  Card Pin 90001234567891  China Shanghai  fixed line no.  8621987656432

Bevel: A90001234567890F8621987656432

Bevel: 98500139 Send message                                                                                      To       




e.g,  Card Pin 90001234567891   other Singapore mobile line no.  98123456

Bevel: A90001234567890F6598123456
Bevel: 98500139

 Send  message                                                                                     To       



This function is available, subject to the third party fixed line or mobile Call ID number can be displayed in Singapore phone.


2, After register, dial 68265000 from registered fixed line or mobile line to make Premium IDD call without pin in Singapore.


3, Callback

    I) Build Phone book for other mobile or fixed line. 


Send your destinations no. (48 number available) to build up one touch Callback dial phone book.    Message:

PB1#number1, number2,number3,…..number48  F third party fixed line no, or other mobile number      e.g. third party Indonesia. fixed line number is 62212345678




Bevel: PB1#6562223071,9198111111,8621114, …..,8801987654321F62212345678

Bevel: 98500139Send                                                                                                               






The calling destination number  (Country Area code  Tel no.)

After register phonebook , when you dial following  no.  Callback system will call your number and link to the destination number.














II)  Make OneTouch call. 

1),  Calling from the registered fixed line (or mobile) no:  Dial  One Touch no. +65 682650XX  ( XXth for 1st  to 48th ),  then the line drop immediately without connection.

2), then Callback will call the fixed ( or mobile) number and link to the XXth  destination no. You will enjoy free incoming call and outgoing call without airtime charge.


When from the registered fixed ( mobile) line: dial first One-Touch no. 68265001, system will call back the fixed ( mobile) line number and call to the destination no. 6562223071. 

When you dial second One-Touch no.68265002, System will call your number and call to 9198111111, and so on…


III), Change or add register one One-Touch no.  for the third party fixed line (or mobile ) starting from number XX  ( XXth for 01st  to 48th ), 

eg  39th  One Touch no.  68265039 for destination no. 62812345689,

Bevel: PB39#62812345689F862198765432 Bevel: 98500139

Just send                                                                                    to





IV), Change or add register multiple  One-Touch no. for the fixed line (e.g. 862198765432  or other mobile ) starting from number XXX, XX+1,XX+2,…  


eg  39th  One touch no.  68265039 for destination no. 65123145678, 

40th  One Touch no. 68265040 for destination no. 88012345678,   

41th  One Touch no. 68265041 for destination no. 9512345689,   



Bevel: PB39#6512345678,88012345678, 9512345689F862198765432Send                                                                                       

Bevel: 98500139                                                                                                    to






The callback system will send your registered destination number to you.


V), Clear Phonebook for fixed line (e.g. 862198765432  or other mobile ):  

Bevel: PBCF862198765432
Bevel: 98500139

send                                                                       to        



862198765432’s  phonebook will be cleared







C. Register Account in webside

1. Register

Via Click Enjoy callback call here

or directly login in  For English  For Chinese


To register and make web callback. 


Register initial account:     Login then click Callback, then click Register  When you are filling the application form, if you are Globe Roaming Card user, you must select “S$ for Calling Card”.  ( If you select other currency, you much abandon the account ,and change the register tel number and to register a new account. )


After registration,  you can login your account in web

to make calls,

to transfer value from card to your account,

to transfer you account value to other account

to check call detail, and

to check account balance or Globe Roaming Card balance. Etc

to build phonebook.

And you can make call from the registered phone without pin,



*Only Singapore S$ Standard currency can be chosen when customer register account for Globe roaming card.

* Registration only for the telephone that the number can be displayed (non- private no.)



2, After register :    IDD Call from Singapore to Oversea Dial: 68265000  without key in pin.


3, After register Callback:  In any country (including Singapore), calling from any phone to local or to oversea through the following methods:- 

A, Callback Dial 

B, SMS Message Callback via mobile phone  (please click here for FAQ)   

C, Via Callback &  login in 



3,     Traditional Callback Dial in Singapore

speed dial ,


Speed dial in Singapore :  


Dial: 68299399 or  62484055 then  key in  “Country Code + Area Code + Tel No. +#” , hand up        wait for call back  to talk to destination. 


One touch call setting :  +65 62484055PPdestination no. #    or +65 68299399PPdestination no. #     in phone book,  just click it then, system will call back you and the destination.


Dial 68299399,destination no. #   eg: call to 6598765432

68299399, 6598765432#  or

68299399p6598765432# or

62484055, 6598765432# or


save above format in your phonebook to make speed dial.


In overseas, you can make call to 65-68299399, 65-68424055


Traditional  Callback Dial:  in Singapore Dial:

68248405066  then hand up, wait for call back, then, key in  “Country Code + Area Code + Tel No. +#”         wait for call back to talk to destination. 


Callback Dial in China Fuzhou  Dial:  26152500 or 26152542.   

                                In other provinces of  China dial : 0591 26152500  or 059126152542

                                +8613706519838   (for registered user only) 

                                In Malaysia  0127773988 (for registered user only) 

Callback Dial in other countries Dial: 


+86 591 26152500/42  ( for registered or non-registered pin user )

+6562484055 or +6562484066, +6598500139, + 60127773988, +8613706519838  

 (for registered user only)


Call 68299399, 62484055 will enjoy one touch dial.  Just save


4,    Callback -- SMS message:  From any country  to oversea  by SMS message.

A,  Send SMS message “destination no.” to  98500139 

    System will callback to you and to destination.  E.g Calling 861012345678

Bevel: 98500139
Bevel: 861012345678

Send SMS:                                                  to 


Bevel: +65 98500139

From other country  to overseas  by send SMS to   


B,  Trigger Callback for other third party fixed line or mobile.

Send message from registered mobile.  SMS:       

 F source telephone no. T + destination no. 

e.g. from Beijing 861012345678 call  to Singapore 62223071, 


Send SMS: F861012345678T6562223071      ( Charge is from the register Mobile A/C.  )

Bevel: F861012345678T6562223071
Bevel: 98500139



If you are in Oversea, you can send SMS to  

+6598500139,                  If you are in Singapore, send to  98500139

+ 60127773988                       If you are in Malaysia, send to 0127773988

+8613706519838            If you are in China, send to 13706519838


      C,  Trigger Callback for non-register phone. To make call from another phone, by send a message from a non-registered mobile.  The SMS message content is:

 A + Calling Card Pin  F + the dialing-from-Tel no. T + source Tel No.    or

 A +  A/C no. + A/C Pin  F + dialer Tel no. T  source No.   

  (e.g., pin is 12345678901234, calling  from KL  6031234567  to Singapore 62223071, the content:   

Bevel: a12345678901234f6031234567t6562223071
Bevel: 98500139



In oversea to   +65 98500139,  or + 601277739 or +8613706519838  



To make SMS call by use web registered account and pin

   (e.g., Account number is  6565658888, A/C pin is  3333,  calling from UK  4423456789012  to  China 865916221166,   the content:    

Bevel: A65656588883333f4423456789012T865916221166

Bevel: 98500139





Charge is from the Pin.    


In oversea send  to   +65 98500139,  or,  + 601277739  or,  +8613706519838  


        “A”, “F”, “T”  or “a” , “f” , “t” -- can be capital or little letter.  And the position can be changed each other. But A must follow the pin.   F must follow the source-receiving number. T must follow destination number.



6,   Transfer cards value into your account in normal telephone.

       A,    From registered phone, Dial 68265000  (for if you have not value in the account, need to key in as following B. ),   then key in  “ * Card Pin #”  ( or key in “ *  Account number + Account Pin #    the value in the account will be debited )

       B,    Call from non-registered phone,  Dial 68265000   select language, then  key in “  * Account number + Account  Pin #     (the value in the Account will be credited )  then key in  Card Pin#  (the value in the Account will be debited)












2, USGAE IN CHINA      在中国使用多方会议卡 (回拨卡)








Text Box: 写手机短信SMSRight Arrow: 发

Send SMS To

Bevel:  A 14位数密码Bevel:  A12345678901234C


1,  注册   Register                                       

Bevel:  13706519838 

      充值    Top-up:






Bevel: A12345678901234F862112345678C



Bevel:  +8613706519838

例如: 为上海的固线862112345678注册或充值                     


Text Box: 中国手机号
China Mobile no.


Bevel: A12345678901234F8613812345678C

例如:   其它手机8613812345678注册或充值                    



注意: 注册时加 C”, 代表选择华语语音提示.   充值时, 或用英文注册时, 可把上述的 C  删掉.





Bevel:  006598500139 

  2,   回拨拨打方法. Make Callback Call


Bevel:   被叫号:  国家,地区号码,目的地号码         

Text Box: 写手机短信SMS
Bevel: +6598500139 

方法一, 用您的手机把被叫号发短信至系统

: 拨新加坡热线: 65668087                  

Bevel: 6565668087                系统自动回拨,接听,即接通目的地     

Text Box: 在全球任何地方都可以发短信到新加坡或中国的系统号码进行注册, 充值或发起回拨.
Use Anywhere in the world for registration or top up or make callback call

:  拨中国北京: 01087654321                   

Bevel: 861098765432                                       





   F third party no. T destination no.



方法二,  为其它固线或手机发起回拨.用您的手机


Bevel: F86591812345671T121212345678




方法三,   使用本公司提供的回拨拨号器,  在固线上使用下述方法四, 方法五时就与使用直拨的方法无异.









Rounded Rectangle: 注意事项:
1,  使用上述方法为您的手机登记发短信注册或充值时, 您的手机的号码必须要显示在 13706519838 或新加坡的手机 98500139中.   如果您的手机号码是保密号,  就用第 
(b) 种方法为您的手机注册或充值.  例如: 发短信 SMS:   A密码F 您的手机号码.             2, 使用方法6 , 7,可为保密的电话发起回拨, 且可不用事先注册 
3,  如果您的手机是保密号码, 请使用方法2, 为您的手机或发起回拨.   该方法也可以为其它保密的固话或手机发起回拨.       (目前所有方法都是与目的地通话后才开始记费)
4,  使用方法1,3,4,5时, 主叫号必须来电显示在接受发起回拨的号码(13706519838 或新加坡006598500139或 68265001 到68265049). 使用国际直拨, 就可显示主叫号码.     5,  因本系统为全球通用设计的, 在建立电话簿或拨打目的地时, 都要加国家,地区代码.          6,   注册中A, F, C, 或建立话簿时的字母PB, 都大写, 或可都小写.
7,  当使用方法4 时, 必须用上述的发短信的方式注册.使用其它的方法时, 可以使用在方法7中的网页注册的方式, 也可以用上述发短信的方式注册.  如果两种注册方式同时使 
用, 所有的回拨方法都可以使用. 费用将从网页注册的帐户中扣款.   只用发短信注册或同时网页注册时, 发短信充值的卡值将充到第一次发短信的卡帐号(密码)中.  当把网 
页上注册的帐号和密码一起当作第一次发短信注册的密码,则两种注册帐号就合二为一.   8,  当结束通话时, 双方都要挂断电话, 否则对于继续的通话, 本公司不负任何责任.

方法四, 使用电话簿, 快捷回拨.  建立电话簿,把储存与电话簿名称相对应的系统号码, 快捷拨打.  ,


                    1,  建立电话簿: PB1#目的地号码1, 目的地号码2, 目的地号码3,…… 目的地号码48   发送到     13706519838

                   2, 拨打回拨:     拨打与电话簿名称相对应的新加坡系统号码68265001, 68265002, 68265003…68265048,

                                             挂断后, 接听系统自动拨回的 电话,   即可与该在电话簿名称原先的目的地号码通话. 







Bevel: PB1#8613898765432,   

Right Arrow: 发短






 小沈 (中国手机)







 小张 (上海固线)


 小林 (美国纽约)



 老曾 (新加坡固线)


Rounded Rectangle: 注意事项: (方法4)  
1, 主叫号必须来电显示在新加坡的号码系统号码
2, 系统在接通之前已经挂断, 没有发起回拨的国际
     接通费用. 接通回拨,与对方通话后才开始记费. 
3,  PB后面可以加任何 1 到48 的号码# 建立电话簿.   
例如: 发短讯PB18#6512345678,8610114, ...为第
18号码6512345678, 第19个号码 8610114,...  建 
立电话簿. 拨打 68265018就与6512345678 通话. 
 4,  新的电话簿记录将代替旧的. 旧记录将自动删除.
 5,  方法4, 5发起回拨时, 在接通之前就已挂断, 没有
       发起的拨叫费用, 目前与对方通话后才开始记费.







接听回电, 就可以与目的地通话

 小沈 (中国手机)




 小张 (上海固线)










 老曾 (新加坡固线)





方法,    拨下列号码, 挂断, 接听回拨后, 立即输入国家,地区代码,电话号码 # 就可与对方通话.         


Right Arrow: Call 
Right Arrow:  快速键入 
Rounded Rectangle: 接听回电
Answer Callback
Rounded Rectangle: 目的地号码:
国家,地区代码,电话号码 #
Country Area code Tel no.#






方法六,  直接拨福州号码 (0591) 26152500(0591) 26152542,  根据语音提示, 输入密码#, 主叫号#, 被叫号#. 挂断, 接听回拨.

方法七,   登入 网址,  选择中文或英文的回拨网页, 注册帐号, 或输入密码(在卡号处) , 就可以进行

 充值, 余额转帐, 查询通话记录, 在网页上为任何两电话发起回拨, 更改相关的资料信息等等.

方法八,   在网页上注册和充值后, 0065 68299399P目的地号码#,  挂断电话,  接听回电, 就可以与目的地通话.  (该方法必须显示主叫号, 呼叫回拨时 有接通大约5秒钟). 

  如果您不方便上网, 请发短讯到 新加坡 (0065) 98100885注册后,再发A密码F固话或手机号码 13706519838 0065 98500139 充值(以后的充值都用  13706519838 0065 98500139 号码),  0065 68299399P目的地号码#   例如:  006568299399P862112345678#   (按三次电话中的 * , 就会显示 P)




             Callback Rates in overseas similar to that from Singapore to overseas.




Right Arrow: TO

+65 98500139

Use Anywhere

in the world

1,  Register 注册 







   ApinFfixed / Mobile no.


For another fixed line/mobile









in Malaysia



2,   Make Callback call : 回拨拨打方法.

Method 1. Make Call by SMS





in China中国


 F third party no. T destination no .





Paging for Third party no. call to Destination no.为固线或其它手机发起回拨, 该固定线路接听回电 即可与目的地通话.                    .




          Method 3. Build Phone-book Call as overleaf.  依据前述的方法注册电话簿, 使用回拨. 使用方法3,4.必须显示主叫号.  

            方法:      Call Singapore no. 68265001 to 68265048.  Answer callback.    Method 3.4. provided Caller ID displayed.


Right Arrow: Enter Immediately

 +65 68265049 Singapore

Right Arrow: Call 
Rounded Rectangle: Answer Callback
Rounded Rectangle: Country Area
 code Tel no.#

 13706519838 China


From Malaysia从马来西亚


 0127773988 Malaysia